1. General information

1.1. What is the GREENTECH FESTIVAL?
The GREENTECH FESTIVAL celebrates green technologies that will make our world sustainable and fit for the future. With a fascinating and varied programme, everyone who is interested in environmental protection and innovation will take home new inspirations.
The GREENTECH FESTIVAL consists out of four modules: GREENTECH EXHIBITION inspired by Allianz E-Village, GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE, GREEN AWARDS & GREEN VIBES Concert powered by MagentaMusik 360.
1.2. When and where will the GREENTECH FESTIVAL take place this year?
The GREENTECH FESTIVAL will take place from 23 to 25 May 2019 in Berlin, Tempelhof Airport.
1.3. How does the Formula E and the GREENTECH FESTIVAL belong together?
The BMW i Berlin E-Prix, presented by CBMM Niobium, will take place where the GREENTECH FESTIVAL makes its debut. The common goal is to make green technologies popular and accelerate their progress.


2. GREENTECH EXHIBITION inspired by Allianz E-Village

The GREENTECH EXHIBITION will exhibit groundbreaking green innovations on 30,000 square meters that will enrich our lives while protecting our environment.
2.2. When and where does the GREENTECH EXHIBITION take place?
Exhibition days are Friday, May 24 from 11am to 6pm and Saturday, May 25 from 8am to 6pm. The exhibition grounds are located at Hangar 5+6,Tempelhof Airport.
Furthermore the free practice of Formula E will take place on Friday at 3:30pm and 6pm.
As well as the BMW i Berlin E-Prix on Saturday at 1pm at Tempelhof Airport.
2.3. Who exhibits at the GREENTECH EXHIBITION?
The GREENTECH EXHIBITION is a fascinating product exhibition that focuses only on green topics. You can see everything that defines life: mobility, entertainment, food, leisure, family and more. Among our exhibitors are Volocopter, E-hang, Deutsche Bahn, Tesla, Hyundai, Pininfarina, Byton, Ono, Bree, X-Shore, Blue Horizon, Knowledge Cotton Apparel and many more.
2.4. How much does the entrance fee cost and where can I get my ticket?
On Friday, May 24 – FREE ADMISSION all day, a registration is required. On Saturday, May 25 you can dive into the new green world for only 5 Euro. You can order your tickets here.
2.5. What are the food options?
We will have various food suppliers who will provide delicious food & beverages.



The GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE brings together green visionaries who not only talk, but also act. The workshops, lectures and sessions that take place are designed to create a domino effect of ideas and inspiration.
3.2. When and where does the GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE take place?
The GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE will take place on Thursday, May 23 from 9am to 6:30pm and on Friday, May 24 from 9am to 3:15pm at Hangar 6, Tempelhof Airport.
3.3. How much does the conference cost and how do I get my ticket?
You can get a one day ticket for 500 Euro. Or both days together for 900 Euro. Tickets are available here.
3.4. Where can I get my badge?
Your conference badge is available at the conference entrance in Hangar 6. Please have your ID ready.
3.5. What does the GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE program look like?
The complete program can be found here.
3.6. Is there catering during the conference?
During the conference days RitterRichard will provide vegetarian and vegan food options.



4.1. What are the GREEN AWARDS?
After 12 successful years, the GreenTech Awards have mergeed with the British Green Awards to form a sustainable alliance! Also new is the opening up to all areas of technology and a strong focus on visionary creators of ideas.
4.2. When and where do the awards take place?
On Friday, May 24 from 6pm on we welcome all guests to join us at the green carpet of the GREEN AWARDS. The gala starts at 8pm at Hangar 6, Tempelhof Airport.
4.3. Where can I get my ticket?
Tickets for the gala are only available by personal invitation. You are all invited to follow our livestream.
4.4. Will there be catering?
RitterRichard will provide delicious vegetarian and vegan food options on the evening of the gala. Drinks are available at one of the numerous bars.
4.5. Where does the proceeds of the raffle go and how much does a lottery ticket cost?
The proceeds of this year’s GREEN AWARDS raffle will go to Little Sun’s “Solar Lights for Rangers” initiative. The aim is to equip all 300 rangers of the Big Life Foundation with solar lamps and chargers. Every single ticket counts! You are free to give as much as you want. The minimum amount is 10 Euro.
4.6. What will I wear to the gala?
The dress code is Black Tie.


5. GREEN VIBES Concert powered by MagentaMusik 360

5.1. What is the GREEN VIBES Concert?
As part of the Telekom Street Gigs, the exclusive concert will mark the start of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL.
5.2. When and where does the concert take place?
Telekom brings the British band Bastille to GREENTECH FESTIVAL – live on Thursday, May 23 at Hangar 4, Tempelhof Airport. With over 60 platinum awards and over 9 million records sold, Bastille is among the most popular bands in the world.
5.3. Where can I get a ticket?
Fans can win tickets for the show and watch the concert live on MagentaMusik 360 or MagentaTV.


6. Formula E

6.1 What is the Formula E?
The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the most advanced category in motorsport. In the current fifth season, 11 teams and 22 drivers are competing in 12 cities on 5 continents for the coveted championship title.
Formula E provides a platform for testing and developing road-related technologies that will actively drive the transition to electric vehicles worldwide.
6.2 When and where will the Formula E / Berlin E-Prix take place?
On Friday, May 24 you can watch the free training of Formula E at 3:30pm and 6pm. On Saturday, May 25 at 8:45am starts the qualifying and at 1pm the race of the Berlin E-Prix 2019. You can also visit the GREENTECH EXHIBITION on both days.
6.3 Where can I get my ticket?
Tickets for Friday and Saturday are available here.


7. Arrival and departure

7.1. Where can I find what?
ABB FIA Formula E race track: Tempelhof Airport, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin
GREEN VIBES Concert: Tempelhof Airport, Hangar 4 – Entrance via Columbia Damm 8-10, Gate 20
GREENTECH EXHIBITION: Tempelhof Airport, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin
GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE & GREEN AWARDS: Tempelhof Airport, Hangar 6 – Entrance via Tempelhofer Damm 45, Gate 11
7.2. How do I get to the venue by public transport?
Formula E & GREENTECH EXHIBITION via U6, Platz der Luftbrücke.
GREEN VIBES Concert via U6, Platz der Luftbrücke or Bus 248 from Alexanderplatz.
7.3. What about parking facilities?
We strongly recommend travelling by public transport, bicycle or on foot, as there is very little parking available.


8. Press

8.1. I am a journalist, how can I obtain accreditation?
GREEN AWARDS: info@premiuminpublic.de
Fia Formula E – Berlin E-Prix: media@fiaformulae.com


9. Prohibited articles

9.1. Glass bottles
There is a glass ban on the entire festival area. You are welcome to bring metal bottles or other refillable bottles with you.