As the centrepiece of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, the GREEN AWARDS has once again awarded the world’s most innovative green projects and minds. Our 18 finalists from 9 nations have been celebrated with a spectacular stage show. Mercury Prize nominated Nick Mulvey and German artist NENA thrilled the audience with their live performance. What a night!



Lifetime Achievement

Paul Polman

Sustainability pioneer

Paul Polman is a sustainability champion, who helped defining a new era of responsible capitalism. As the former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman implemented the famous Unilever’s Sustainable Living strategy, which has been widely hailed as an exemplar for corporate sustainability strategies and unlocked significant investments in green product development, supply chain improvements, and packaging innovations.

Rising Star of The Year (16 – 25 years)

Ann Makosinski


Since her parents encouraged her from an early age to make her own toys – first with wood and then with transistors – Ann invents the Hollow Flashlight, a torch that shines through the warmth of the human hand. She received the highest awards at both the Google and Intel science fairs and is considered by Forbes as one of the world’s greatest innovators under 30.

Innovation of the Year

Ferguson Marine

Ferguson Marine reached the final stage of a programme to deliver what is expected to be the world’s first sea-going vehicle and passenger ferry that will employ carbon-free hydrogen as energy source, powered entirely by fuel harvested from renewable (wave and tide) sources. The HySeas III will lead the world in marine technology.

Game Changer of the Year

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank developed a simple concept of a bank, that accepts plastic as a currency. Following the vision of a world without waste and where the consumption regenerates humanity and employment they are now expanding to Indonesia.

Start-up of the Year

Skipping Rocks Lab

Ooho is a sustainable flexible packaging for liquids made from seaweed-extract. As such it is a 100% natural alternative to plastic bottles, cups and sachets. The Ooho material degrades in a natural environment in 6 weeks on average and is also edible.

Forward Actor of the Year (female)

Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel

Founder of ECOncrete

After one of her many dives and the shock of seeing all the ecological damage done by concrete ports, breakwaters and piers, the marine biologist and ecologist Shirmit Perkol-Finkel founded ECOncrete, in 2012. The structures, developed by ECOncrete, are designed to accelerate the growth of marine plants and animals while also contributing to the concretes strength and stability.

Forward Actor of the Year (male)

Cyrill Gutsch

CEO & Founder of Parley for the Oceans

For the founder of Parley for the Oceans – the organization dedicated to preserving the oceans and eliminating plastic from the planet – it is all about eco innovation.

Special Prize Norway

Yara International Asa &
Kongsberg Gruppen

Two of Norway’s largest companies have decided to work together and to develop something, that will enable to set new standards for future short sea shipping. Building the world’s first autonomous, zero-emission, ballast free container ship, they will set the standard for future shipping.


We will be awarding an outstanding and forward-thinking role model, whose engagement and commitment have positively influenced people and the environment and who can be seen as the pioneer of sustainability.

We are looking for up and coming junior talents (ages 16 – 25) who are committed to sustainability. The goal is to involve younger generations in our movement.

We are looking for the most impressive (most current, auspicious, astonishing) innovations in GREEN-TECH. Technologies, processes, products and services are allowed in this category.

We are looking for companies or institutions that have had a significant positive impact on the environment or that have made people aware of environmental conservation, especially in the last year. We are looking for a significant impact that was made and, ideally, for change within a market.

We are looking for the most auspicious start-up that contributes to environmental and resource conservation.

We are looking for one inspiring female and one inspiring male actor, who have made an exceptional contribution to a greener future and who stands in the light of developing a sustainable innovation/ idea.

In collaboration with our partner country, Norway, the GREEN AWARDS 2019 will award the Special Prize Norway. The goal is to reward outstanding projects from Norway and to create the greatest possible reach for these projects and Norway.




The BMW i8 – From seemingly impossible, to ground-breaking
Winner 2015

The BMW i8 is more than exceptional in both its appearance and its development. Three films that are shown in the campaign launch – individually directed by Gus Van Sant – pay homage to the technological pioneering spirit that makes the seemingly impossible a trailblazer.


car2go – A new dimension of cars haring
Winner 2010

car2go redefines car sharing and opens the possibility of spontaneously using a rental car. There are no fixed parking bays, no membership fees, no minimum rental period and no deposit. Billing takes place per minute.

Sky Sails

SkySails wind propulsion systems
Winner 2008

Wind is the strongest, most inexpensive and most environmentally friendly source of energy on the high seas. Cargo ships (new vessels and modifications) can use wind as a source of power with SkySails. The towing kite operates completely automatically, thereby significantly reducing fuel costs and emissions.


Strom09 – Full power in the future with BVB
Winner 2014

25,000 tons less CO2 annually. That’s the common goal of BVB and LichtBlick. The climate is unburdened through the conversion of the stadium to real green electricity and the conversion of BVB fans to Strom09. The CO2-ticker on the stadium’s screen and on strom09.de show the progress.

Continental Tires

Fraunhofer IME, Project RUBIN
Winner 2014

RUBIN researches the production of natural rubber for tire production made from the Russian dandelion. The dandelion plant doesn’t suppress the food production and only requires one growing season to harvest. Dandelions could become the source of a new generation of environmental-friendly tires.


Hydrogen train Coradia iLint
Winner 2018

The Coradia iLint is the new CO2-emission-free regional train, an alternative to diesel-fueled vehicles. Powered by hydrogen fuel cells, it only emits water and distinguishes itself through extremely quiet operation. It is the world’s first train based on this type of technology, saving around 700 tons of CO2 annually.

Little Sun

Solar power for the whole world
Winner 2013

Little Sun was founded by the artist Olafur Eliasson in 2012. The power of sustainable energy is changing lives, especially for those 1.1 billion people who live without access to power. The solar products and the social business model benefit communities who have no access to electricity.

Miele & Cie.

Drying laundry using solar heat
Winner 2013

Using free solar energy directly for mechanical drying of laundry is a novelty. The biggest energy consumer in one’s household is the tumble dryer. The Miele solar dryer can save over 50 percent of electricity.


Green Shape Core Collection
Winner 2018

VAUDE’s Green Shape Core Collection shows us what the future of sustainable outdoor equipment can look like. The various textile materials that are used consist of around 90 percent bio-based, recycled or pure natural materials. The range is environmentally friendly and produced under fair working conditions.