16th of May 2024

The finest selection of green startups and VCs

As a gourmet, you appreciate the very best, however, the sustainability funding market has quickly specialised and it can be hard to find the right partner for your next big opportunity. With ‘Investors Gourmet’ we’ve made shopping easy by bringing literally bringing the right people to the table so that you can take your next step with confidence.


In order to drive innovation, the GREENTECH FESTIVAL has developed a targeted networking event called ‘Investors Gourmet’ in which we bring startups together with specialist investors from the impact space.

We will be hand selecting 70 participants of which 70% will be startups (from seed to pre-IPO/buyout/M&A), 15% will be investors and 15% are companies looking for corporate partnerships.

The GREENTECH FESTIVAL’s “Investors Gourmet” begins with an official welcome from us followed by a networking lunch. The exclusive networking area will be divided into 4 themed topics zones. Here you will be able to meet specialist investors and startups focused on the following sectors:

– Mobility and Energy
– Circularity and Materials
– Finance and Trading
– Lifestyle and Living

Don’t hesitate to jump on board and get involved. Your next big opportunity is just one meeting away!