On April 25, the first-ever NEOGREEN HOUR was successfully held at the Nordic Embassies, which brought together a powerful German-Norwegian trio to celebrate and discuss our most precious resource: Water.

The event series was launched by the GREENTECH FESTIVAL (May 23-25, Berlin Tempelhof Airport) with the vision of creating a casual and inspiring space destined to people from different backgrounds of the sustainability scene.

Moderated by the actress and GREEN WINDOW ambassador Lea Marlen Woitack, the panel talk consisted of Øyvind Stenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Aquasolis AS, Jessica Cao, Legal Counsel of Empower, and Thomas Hartwig, founder and CEO of Leogant, which all excited the audience with inspiring lectures.

The NEOGREEN HOUR was the perfect warm-up for the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, showing us once again how important it is to be part of green movement.

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