Grazia Vittadini

CTO / Airbus

Born in Italy and raised in the US, Grazia leads Airbus’ ambition to build the future of flight.
She began her career as part of the Eurofighter Consortium before joining Airbus in Germany in 2002 where she has contributed to the A380, A350, A320, and A400M programs as she moved into more senior management positions including Technical Authority for all Airbus aircraft.  Grazia was Executive Vice President and Head of Engineering of Airbus Defence and Space before she was becoming CTO in May of 2018.  As such, she is a member of the Airbus Executive Committee, the first woman to be so appointed.
Today she leads a transnational team that spans the globe with facilities in Europe, China, and the Americas that is leading the transformation to sustainable, electric, autonomous and zero-emission air transportation.

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