Holger Rubel

Managing Director and Senior Partner / BCG

Holger Rubel is leading BCG’s worldwide Green Energy Sector and is also leading the global sustainability initiative at BCG. He is a core-member of the Energy and Industrial Goods practices at BCG, which he joined in 1997.

In his role he oversees and coordinates the topics and topic leaders for solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, biomass/biofuels, energy efficiency, waste management technologies and carbon related topics. Holger also leads the Circular Economy topic within BCG, thus covering technology aspects, waste value chain elements like waste collection, handling/sorting, processing/re-use and related business models as well as recycling value stream analysis.

Holger studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and Heidelberg University. He holds a M.Phil. degree from the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in Semiconductor Technology from the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart. He completed part of his studies in economics and technology management at the University of Stuttgart.

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