Murielle Lorilloux (Moderator)

EU Cluster and Enterprise Americas & Asia Pacific Director
Vodafone Business

Murielle and her team are responsible for the Vodafone Business units in the Europe Cluster and Enterprise Americas & Asia Pacific, including Vodafone’s largest global corporate customers. This includes the strategy and operational execution required to help customers with a large international presence. Murielle has over 23 years of telecommunications experience at CEO level. Joining Vodafone in 2013, she managed Vodacom before becoming President of the Board and CEO of Vodafone Romania.

During her time at Vodafone Romania, she ran projects of high complexity from the acquisition process of UPC services, the transformation of Vodafone Romania into a convergent player in the telecom industry, the launch of the first 5G commercial services in the country and one of the first in Europe to position Vodafone as a trusted partner for digitisation both for the public and private sector.


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