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On 17-18 September, Kraftwerk Berlin was transformed into a hub of inspiration. With selected top exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge developments in areas from energy and mobility to food and fashion, a brighter future is at our fingertips and available for all to experience via the streams below.





AUDI AG is one of the most successful manufacturers of premium cars. The brand strives for progress along the entire value chain and attaches importance to the forward-thinking and economical use of resources and environmentally friendly production of their cars. Their vision is to shape individual and sustainable premium mobility solutions for customers and offering mobility solutions that match their individual wishes precisely.

Nu-In Fashion

Founded in 2019 nu-in grew from a desire to create a sustainable clothing brand, both fashion forward and affordable. nu-in is born out of necessity and with responsibility to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Having the lowest possible impact on the environment underpins every decision made. It’s simply a given.
Fashion. Sustainably Driven.


Volocopter aims to become the leading Urban Air Mobility service provider worldwide. With its innovative technology, products, and services we want to support cities in sustainably transforming their mobility concepts. Volocopter saves time, is extremely safe, emission-free, and quiet. Company is developing the complete ecosystem including aircraft, take-off and landing infrastructure, and integration into air traffic management systems. Volocopter brings Urban Air Mobility to life.

Plan Shop

Plan Shop is an affiliate of Plan International – the leading organization for private sponsors supporting children in need. Plan Shop distributes high-quality products made by artisans from developing countries, providing them with a sustainable income. For more and more families – especially women and their children – Plan Shop projects have become the path to overcome poverty and getting access to education. This spirit is summed up in the slogan “Trade for Peace”.

Deutsche Bahn

DB is dedicated to an ambitious climate protection goal: Being climate-neutral by 2050. To reach this, the DB has established successive stages: By 2030 it wants its CO2 emissions to be at least 50 percent lower than the 2006 figure and by 2038, all of the energy in the traction current mix will come from renewable sources. With its Strong Rail strategy and its Green Transformation, DB is strengthening Germany’s rail system – for the climate, for people, for the economy, and for Europe.

Focus E-Bike

Innovations in mobility and e-mobility move people in all areas of life – from the daily way to work to the individual vacation trip to a whole sustainable way of life. FOCUS especially has been illuminating the world on two wheels since 2016 with the FOCUS E-BIKE Specials as a booklet-in-booklet in the FOCUS news magazine and with high-quality FOCUS E-BIKE magazines, but is also consistently dedicated to “E-Mobility”-Specials on the mega topic of mobility of the future.


In 2019 world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles sold over 2.5m vehicles worldwide with a workforce of 126,016 employees. Its success has always been based on responsible action. The BMW Group established ecological, social sustainability throughout the value chain, comprehensive product responsibility and clear commitment to conserving resources as integral part of its strategy.

Mute Labs

Mute-labs is a Berlin based manufacturer of soundproof phone booths for office spaces. Driven by the desire to develop a well designed phone booth that is both affordable yet well designed and manufactured sustainably, mute-labs set out to reinvent the product category. Only one year after launch, mute-labs has shipped its booths to DAX-30 companies, universities, unicorns and of course countless small start-ups.


Lavazza’s story begins in 1895, when the company’s founder Luigi Lavazza set up a small grocery inventing the art of coffee blending. Lavazza has always had a personal concern for ethics and sustainability: Under the guidance of the Lavazza Foundation, the ¡Tierra! Project was launched in 2002 to improve the living conditions, social development and economic growth of coffee farmers while respecting the environment.


Founded in 2019, Modmo is an e-mobility startup based in Saigon that focuses on design, versatility and superior user experiences through seamless integration of technology. Driven by the desire to create the bike that will replace your car, Modmo launched the Saigon in 2020 – the world’s first-ever fully modular bicycle, adding a whole new level of utility to your ride.

Merz b. Schwanen

Merz b. Schwanen origin is the authentic way of making unique fabrics on 100-year-old original loop wheelers in Germany. They produce garments for all, who appreciate reliable products to feel calm and peace every day. Merz b. Schwanen believe that good, timeless products can endure decades and will bring people joy and ease for a long time. They connect the good of the past with the demands of the present while acting responsibly for a good future.


Veganz strives to facilitate a plant-based, environmentally conscious lifestyle for everyone by making vegan products more accessible. This aim is expressed in the company motto is “Good for you, better for everyone”. Veganz is one of the few companies worldwide that offer a full range of vegan products and regularly introduces innovative plant-based alternatives.




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