The Sustainable Business School

GREENTECH FESTIVAL partners with Tomorrow University for 21st-century education, equipping professionals with skills for a sustainable future. Learn from renown industry leaders and GTF speakers with proven track record in sustainability and green tech through a state of the art approach to learning.

Impact Certificate

Think & Act as an Entrepreneur

In this program you will learn to think, act, and lead responsibly while effectively conveying your story to investors and customers alike.

Gain profound insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, learn to spot and capitalize on opportunities, and hone your ability to tackle obstacles with finesse. Acquire essential skills in business management and communication, crafting your unique personal brand.

Learn directly from industry pioneers about the pillars of responsible leadership, from ethical decision-making to social responsibility and impactful stakeholder engagement.

Credits 15 ECTS
Format Online
Duration 9 Weeks
Tuition €1,950
Language English
Eligibility Open to all
Weekly Commitment Approx. 10h
Schedule 1 session / week
Evaulation Project-based

What is challenge-based learning


Via Critical Questioning, you shift from memorising theory to putting ideas and knowledge into action through learning by doing.


You prepare and engage in a journey that sets the basis for solution -based outputs.


Evidence-based strategies are created, tested, and then implemented to ensure progress and results.