In May 2019, tens of thousands of visitors rushed to the GREENTECH EXHIBITION to celebrate the innovations that make a greener lifestyle possible. More than 60 exhibitors from all over the world presented the latest products and prototypes that combine technological progress and sustainability. Want to take part in 2020? Get in touch with us now!



High-tech within reach!

The new Tesla 3 finally comes to Europe and brings some surprises! Digitality is inscribed in the DNA of this all-rounder. The smartphone is the key, the dashboard is a pad, even the steering is digital. Developers and designers have worked perfectly hand in hand to revolutionize uncompromising safety and ease of use. So we can feel good all around, while the sky glides over the panorama roof above. A real trick in the high-end of electromobility!


Drone goes taxi

Everybody knows them: drones are no longer a novelty. They become special once people can fly with them. The Ehang makes it possible with low emissions and without noise, bringing the air taxi within grasp!

Harley Davidson

A performance that attracts everyone’s attention

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom by leading the innovation of two-wheeled mobility. The company offers an expanding range of leading-edge, distinctive motorcycles and brings the brand to life through Harley-Davidson riding experiences and exceptional motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel.

Norwegian Pavilion

Let‘s plan a greener future together!

As one of the most future-oriented, sustainable countries in the world, Norway wants nothing more than to make the world a better place. At GREENTECH FESTIVAL they are presenting the Norwegian Pavilion, which will show case ten eco-conscious companies. Out of those, five are nominated for this year’s GREEN AWARDS.

Google Sustainability Booth

In keeping with the ethos of the festival, Google’s 100 square meters stand has been constructed entirely from sustainable materials and will include different demo stations to showcase Google’s sustainability products, programs and tools. Demos include innovative projects such as “Project Sunroof”, “Waze Carpool” and “Your Plan, Your Planet”, which will raise awareness to the importance of environmental protection and an eco-lifestyle.


Urban. Autonomous. On demand.

Volocopter is an autonomous air taxi designed to relieve traffic in large cities. It’s supposed to be used as a sustainable, quiet and time-saving mobility as a service solution. Volocopter thus opens up new perspectives on cities and at the same time wants to fulfil everyone’s dream of flying.


The printbike of the future

Digitization hasn’t put the printer out of business. On the contrary: in just 12 weeks, thanks to a 3D printer, this e-bike has gone from a paper sketch to a real life vehicle. The customisable electronics turn the bike into a signature move for individualised mobility.

Automobili Pininfarina

The fastest car in the world

The clash of emotions and knowledge can lead to real miracles – or the fastest car in the world! We are proud to host the world’s first presentation of this amazing electric car. Design makes innovation tangible. You can experience it at GREENTECH FESTIVAL.


A clean last mile

Delivery made easy is the promise of the eCargobike ONO, which meanders slimly and gently through the urban jungle. The vision of this innovative start-up is to relieve the strain of logistics. We want more of that!


Oha for H2

You’re not bad! Hyundai is currently making a name for itself in sustainable mobility with its fuel cells. The Korean manufacturer is killing several birds with one stone: design and comfort are just as important as clean mobility. This not only makes drivers happy, but also promotes the expansion of the fuel cell network.

Deutsche Bahn

New, digital and sustainable mobility

Digital and sustainable on the railway and beyond! The New Digital Business division presents three innovative projects at the same time: You can use the trend landscape map to discover the urban mobility of tomorrow, gain exciting insights into all aspects of micromobility and be surprised at how drones control construction progress and vegetation.


The hub of intelligence

Pioneering work expressly desired! The city of Berlin is not only the capital, but also a pool of innovative ideas. Mobility is completely rethought here. The eMO is the instrument that plays the music of the future and implements it.

Aquon One

Freedom by sunlight

Using the radiant power of the sun as a source of energy is nothing new, but it feels absolutely revolutionary when your boat is fully powered by the sun while out on the high sea. Whether engine or power supply – with the yacht Aquon One you remain independent of the shore and energetically sustainable.


Time for a new kind of mobility

Mobility is changing. People in metropolitan regions want to enjoy their driving time and make it meaningful. BYTON have developed a car tailored to these needs: 100% electric, equipped with many digital services, the world’s largest in-car display for a production automobile (48’’), perfectly connected and upgradeable.


Knowledge is power

A simple rule of thumb is the baseline of this fashion line. Their aim is to turn the status quo upside down; change only happens through serious action. No problem, and you can even look cool doing it. What a perfect fit!


Revolutionizing urban mobility

E-floater is offering a electric micro-scooter sharing service to move through the city in an easy, fast and sustainable way. The vehicles are self-developed and built for the purpose of sharing. Three wheels give them a sturdy feeling and a unique floating feeling.


Pure and infinite

Be ready when the mountain calls! To make your expedition through nature environmentally friendly, Pyua has closed the loop of your outdoor clothing. You wear recycled clothing that can be recycled again. An eternal cycle…


Luxurious silence

The Swedish electric boat shows us how natural elements can be used in an intelligent way. Air bubbles under the stern and renewable energy in the engine ensure a silent glide over the water and a pure experience of nature.


Step inside your future forests

Can Virtual Reality encourage politicians to confront climate breakdown? The “Virtual Forest” immersive story experience is here to find out. Users travel forward in time inside this hyper-real Finnish forest environment and learn how current Forest Management strategies impact our climate future.


The world’s fastest folding electric vehicle

Foldable? Yes, the Stigo Model S is designed like a bicycle, has an electric motor and is indeed foldable. The Stigo S is extremely light weight and makes rding through the city a special experience – it’s completely legal and approved for road use in the EU.


Sustainability without sacrifice

Sharp acceleration and 100% driving pleasure! eROCKIT is the electric motorcycle “Made in Germany” with a unique and innovative pedal drive. The eROCKIT is the power of change: electric, fast, sporty, safe, environmentally friendly and clean.

The Ideas Train

Experience the future of public transport today

Rail travel has always been one of the most eco-friendly ways to get from A to B. Now, DB Regio is taking it one step further: together with more than 30 development partners, the company has designed the Ideas Train, which offers a uniquely attractive customer experience for regional transport.

Solar Panel Art Series

The beauty of the light

Bringing art, technology and nature into co-existence can only result in something wonderful. Renewable energy combined with artistic creativity results in clean light for schools in Rwanda. Find out how this magic works at GREENTECH FESTIVAL!


Advanced Urban Mobility

Flash is one of the world’s fastest-growing startups. By developing and deploying a smart, fun and environmentally-friendly transportation system, Flash has the bold ambition of revolutionizing urban mobility and change how people move around cities.


StreetScooter does not build cars – they build tools on wheels

What happens when engineers are bold enough to implement ideas themselves? When they first analyze the work processes of their customers and then produce perfect mobility solutions? The answer is the StreetScooter. A zero-emissions light utility vehicle tailored systematically to your needs. Practical, robust and economic.


The smallest hotel in the world

Come to the world premiere of the accommodation modules bboxx “slube home”: the world’s smallest, fully equipped hotel. Veloform and the specially founded slube GmbH have developed a mobile, fully equipped mini hotel which is now also presented as a “Ladotel” – to sleep and recharge.


Organic since 1979

Good ingredients are essential if you want to make good food. This is the reason Lebensbaum buys tea, coffee and spices directly from the source. The careful selection of ingredients and a lot of experience explain the good taste of the products. The organic pioneer understands the principle of sustainability as the basis for entrepreneurial success.

Pop.Up Next 2018 by Italdesign

Potential offered by future technologies

Developed with Audi and Airbus, Pop.Up Next is a form of mobility combining autonomous ground and air transportation. It is modular, service-oriented and fully electrified. Internally, a 49-inch screen engages humans and machine through speech and face recognition, eye-tracking and touch functions.

DaVinci 2019 by Italdesign

Gran Turismo with a 100% electric drive

Dedicated to and named after the Great Master on the 500th anniversary of his death, DaVinci is a near-production-ready concept car for a 2+2 all-electric GT, featuring gullwing doors, combining a sporty nature with classy and premium cues in both its exterior and interior design.

Parley for the Oceans

Material Revolution: replace plastic altogether

Parley for the Oceans is a global collaboration network where a group of different people work together to protect the oceans. One project is Ocean Plastic® – a range of premium materials made from upcycled marine plastics collected in coastal environments.



Insnack stands for healthy and sustainable snacks based on insect flour. Insects are our protein source of the future. Good for us and good for the planet. At the Greentech Festival, the startup will present Europe’s first insect ice cream.


Save plastic every day

Fair, sustainably and carbon neutrally produced, soulbottles are wonderful companions for every day. These glass bottles are printed or engraved with designs from artists from all over the world. With using Soulbottles you can save the world, because with every purchase 1€ goes to drinking water projects by Viva con Agua!


Paper production at the highest level

Gmund Paper creates impressive and sustainable designer paper through ecological production. The new Bio Cycle collection illustrates this sustainable corporate philosophy. In this collection up to 50 percent of alternative ingredients are supplemented with FSC® certified fresh fibre pulp. With Gmund Papier companies can support their eco-friendly conviction.

Merz b. Schwanen


The use of eco-friendly materials of the highest standards and socially as well as environmentally responsible production methods define what Merz b. Schwanen is all about: making good things with good people for good people and sharing all that is good.



Our instinct is to make our way freely. The reality in our cities is quite the opposite: obstacles of cars and other vehicles hinder our movements every day. TIER is a Berlin-based eScooter sharing company, already active in over 20 cities worldwide, and on a mission to change mobility for good.


Environmental friendliness can be beautiful too!

Who would have thought that sustainability had such beautiful legs? Kunert’s BLUE 90 tights are a ‘closed circle’ product, as they are fully biodegradable. All those who love fashion and being environmentally conscious at the same time should check these out.

Jouis Nour

Naturally fresh simply tastes better!

At Jouis Nour you can now get BIO-To-Go: Handmade delicious snacks from certified organic cultivation. All without artificial additives and still long lasting.


Self-lacing shoes

Do you want to experience the future today? Then the self-lacing sneaker is just the thing for you! There’s no motor, and no added effort for the body. Simply slip into the shoe and your body weight automatically activates a mechanism that immediately laces up your shoes.


Novus continues where others give up

Novus goes where others won’t.
Novus builds more than just electric motorcycles. Novus wants to change values and traditional views and make light motorcycles sexy and desirable. The aim is to exercise a truly sustainable, ecologically positive influence on people’s mobility and consumer behaviour.


Global Hub

Neon green is not a color, but a movement. This idea is particularly attractive in the fashion industry. Neonyt is what we do: feeding our fashion engine with shows, exhibitions and panels and diving into stylish times!

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